Bird Watching

Bird Watching

The Pepper Cottage is an ideal place for bird watching. One can easily spot a variety of different birds around the area, especially in the early morning hours. We discovered around 30 different species of which some are endemic. For instance: the Sri Lankan (SL) Yellow-fronted Barbet,  SL Grey Hornbill,  Ceylon Wood Pigeon, Orange minivet, Black-hooded oriole, Common kingfisher, Chestnut Bee-eater, Red vented bulbul, Southern Coucal, Black Eagle. 

Binoculars Nikon for bird watching

For these bird-watchers (and others) we have a good pair of  Nikon binoculars available in the house. Please use it with care!

Nikon Action EX 8×40 waterproof.

  • Protect it from shock (DO NOT DROP IT!).
  • Avoid rain and water splashes, sand and mud. If it gets wet, wipe the water off as soon as possible.
  • After using it on a rainy day or at night, thoroughly dry it.
  • Please place it back on the cupboard after using it.
  • Do not leave the binoculars outside or near heating equipment.
  • The binoculares is not allowed off the property without permission of Lushan.