A Sri Lankan style village house just east of Kandy in Sri Lanka.

The guesthouse is set-up as a community-based initiative. This to make sure the surrounding villagers will benefit from tourism. Pepper, which is largely available in the gardens, is harvested by different neighbours who maintain the pepper fields and keeping a large part of the profit. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be ordered or eaten at other neighbours houses. You can go on village-walks with the neighbours who will be more than happy to show you around their area!

All large and small renovations, as well as maintenance in and around the property, again will be taken care of by contracting people from the area.

The Pepper Cottage has a spacious living room / pantry and a wide kitchen, 3 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and some extra sleeping possibilities if necessary. The front of the building has a small veranda with a lovely bench and on the eastside a spacious terrace overlooking the surroundings, with a clear view of the Victoria Lake.

The house is surrounded by a lush green garden and a small estate where mainly pepper and other small crops are growing, which offers nice opportunities for calm walks along its borders and to sit, relax, meditate or practise yoga.

The Pepper Cottage is connected to the public drinking water supply and also has its own well with clean water. Hot showers are made possible by solar heating. WiFi is available throughout the property and the surrounding garden.

Your host: Lushan

The host who takes care of everything and makes sure you have an amazing time at the Pepper Cottage is Lushan. He is a wonderful host as well as a tracking guide, a cook, a great organiser, a farmer and speaks three languages but is keen to learn more! He takes good care of the house and her guests and will make sure everyone’s stay is comfortable and enjoyable.

The Pepper Cottage: Silence and Simplicity

For anyone who loves nature and who enjoys silence and simplicity above luxury, convenience and nature, The Pepper Cottage is the perfect place to be.

The house offers space for small groups of families of around 6 people, but is equally  attractive for one or two people, for shorter or for longer stays. Special fees can be discussed for longer stays and / or for groups.

The large kitchen, pantry and central living make it possible to have small groups who like to conduct workshops or active group sessions. The outside terrace and the resting places in the estate are great for meditation or coaching sessions.

Please contact us if you want more information on all the possibilities.