Surrounding Land

Surrounding Land

The front garden of The Pepper Cottage is partly covered with flowers and fruit trees. Large parts of the rest of the land are covered with pepper trees, some coffee trees as well as various trees such as Jackfruit, Kittul, Areca, Banana, Gliricidia, Mahogany, Bulu and Ambarella. In the lower part of the land water loving plants are grown such as: Rampe/Pandan, Ginger, Jams and Ayurveda plants and spices. We are still in the process of further developing the land and the paths.

A small stream (officially called Pita Ella) divides the land into two by a small gauge. On the slope of the land a small seating arrangement allow for relaxation in a cool and pleasant green environment. We are developing short walking tracks on the land.

Early morning but also throughout the day, the most beautiful birds can be spotted. At least 30 different species can be observed! In the house their is a bird information book for your reference.

In the trees next to the house a family of giant squirrels lives. You can see them running, playing and eating at eye sight. Also troops of monkeys visit the property from time to time. And in the evening and night you could hear a barking deer or the wild boars, though they do not come too close to the house.

In quiet corner of the land, on the old threshing floor (the so-called Kamata) we created a small area for meditation / yoga / relaxation. This is a great place to sit and enjoy without being disturbed. Only the sounds of bird, frogs, crickets and sometimes the temple calls can be heard and a little sound from the road in the distance.